Time of flight

Time of Flight ns ( 200 keV energy loss ) Counts . IKP - TOF BPM Preliminary results - 250 /- 50 ps - coincidence with energy measurements (SC DGF-4C-rev.F) - transparent beam detector and tracking with 32x SC matrix as Stop detector ? (real beam test is requested!) Counts . 239Pu 241Am 244Cm. 3D Time of Flight (ToF) creates a depth mapping of objects within the field of view and is a key solution used for developing digital vision for many applications. The development platform comes with everything a user needs to start working immediately on 3DToF applications, enabling the development of high value features and functions that create product differentiation. In time-of-flight MR angiography, the flow compensated gradient-echo sequences will be optimized to favor the vascular signal over that of the surrounding tissues by: saturating the stationary tissue signal with very short TR: thus the longitudinal magnetization of these tissues does not have time to regrow and their signal weakens